New Trends in Psychology

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Frequency:  2 issues per year (February, October)
Print ISSN: 2668-0696

The journal New Trends in Psychology publishes studies and research focused on general psychology, cognitive psychology, creativity, work and organizational psychology, child psychology, educational psychology, human development, speech therapy, psychopathology and psychotherapy.
The journal addresses the community of undergraduate and master students in Psychology, teachers, professors and professionals interested in their own personal development in related fields: sociology, social assistance, special psycho-pedagogy, medicine.
We believe that this publication will be particularly useful to students and specialists concerned with the theory and practice of modern methods in the application of psychology.

Vol 1, No 2 (2019)

Table of Contents


The Study of Musical Instruments and The Development of Cognitive and Emotional Intelligence PDF
Camelia Nicoleta Neguț

Profile Photo PDF
Ștefania Ciucur (Frigioiu)

Death and Life. A Pair of Absolutely Necessary Contracts! (C.G. Jung) PDF
Ramona Adriana Cojocaru

Fear - A Barrier to Materializing our Desires PDF
Simona Giusca

Psychology and Art-Painting PDF
Cosmina-Marilena Manea

Autism Spectrum Disorder (TSA) Definition, General Characterization PDF
Alexandra Mihai

Animal-Assisted Therapy in Children Diagnosed with Autism PDF
Lăcrămioara Mocanu, Elena-Lidia Niță

Bullying Predictor Behavior of Juvenile Delinquency PDF
Lăcrămioara Mocanu, Elena-Lidia Niță

Working Tools Used in the Education of Functional Behavior in Children with Autism. Means of Communication and Visualization PDF
Neaga Susanu, Marius Nicolae

Art-Therapy - Cognitive-Behavioral Approach Art-Therapy Method of Working with Children with T.S.A. PDF
Neaga Susanu

The Role of Psychosocial Programs Carried out in the Penitentiary Environment PDF
Ecaterina Popa

Cyberbulling PDF
Alexandra Maria Simion

The Role of Emotions in Conflict Resolution PDF
Neaga Susanu, Marius Nicolae

Avoid Personality Disorder (Tpe) Clinical Case Study – V.A. PDF
Georgela Țăranu

School Abandonment of Rural Students PDF
Valentina-Ștefania Voicu

Consumer Psychology PDF
Corina Zamfir