New Trends in Psychology

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Frequency:  2 issues per year (February, October)
Print ISSN: 2668-0696

The journal New Trends in Psychology publishes studies and research focused on general psychology, cognitive psychology, creativity, work and organizational psychology, child psychology, educational psychology, human development, speech therapy, psychopathology and psychotherapy.
The journal addresses the community of undergraduate and master students in Psychology, teachers, professors and professionals interested in their own personal development in related fields: sociology, social assistance, special psycho-pedagogy, medicine.
We believe that this publication will be particularly useful to students and specialists concerned with the theory and practice of modern methods in the application of psychology.

Vol 1, No 1 (2019)

Table of Contents


Childhood Trauma Effects on the Development of Personality and Mental Health PDF
Cosmina-Marilena Manea

The Level of Empathy of 1st Class Children PDF
Beatrice-Paula Mingireanu

Infantile Depression as an Effect of the School Performance Overwhelming PDF
Camelia Nicoleta Neguț

Autistic Spectrum Disorders – Explanatory Theories, Diagnostic Symptomatology and Prevalence. Case Studies PDF
Georgela Țăranu

The Role of Education in the Individual Insertion Level of the Individual PDF
Luminița Erna Alexe

Mens Sana in Corpore Sano A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body PDF
Ștefania Ciucur

Child with Medium Mental Deficiency - Working Methods PDF
Marius Nicolae, Neaga Susanu

The Role of the Ambient and Internal Context in the Process of Memory Functionality Optimization PDF
Laura Viorela Kovacs

The Connection between Traumas during Childhood and the Use of Drugs and Alcohol in Adult Life PDF
Daniela-Florentina Dragomir

New Perspectives in Stress Psycho-Diagnosis PDF
Ionel Mohirta

The Group of Friends as Factor of Socialization and Juvenile Delinquency PDF
Neaga Susanu

Developing Socio-Emotional Skills at Low School Age PDF
Luminița Erna Alexe

Preliminary Data on the Prevalence of Alcohol, Tobacco and Drug Use in High School Students in Galati PDF
Florian Miu

The Role of Psychologist in the Penitentiary Environment to Provide the Recovery Conditions and Social Integration of the Prisoners PDF
Ecaterina Popa

The Influence of Academic Promotion Systems on the Bibliography of the Scientific Articles Published in Romanian Medical Journals PDF
Codrin Rebeleanu, Lacramioara Mocanu