Acta Universitatis Danubius. Œconomica, Vol 13, No 1 (2017)

The importance of the cooperative farms association for smart, sustainable and inclusive development of rural area

Daniela Trifan, Daniela Ecaterina Zeca


The paper presents a case study about how the association in cooperative of small farms can lead to economic growth and development of the rural area in a relatively short period. BRAICOOP Agricultural Cooperative was founded in 2009 by the association of several farmers who own less surface area of ​​6,000 ha, and now the number has reached 46 members farmers who work more than 17 000 ha. The paper provides the evolution of surfaces, the yields for the main crops, the activity of the establishment until today and economic analysis on the past five years, with prospects for future development. The paper emphasis that cooperatives help farmers to obtain inputs (seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and so on) with much lower prices by organizing open tenders, as well as the sale of agricultural products prices leads to a maximum efficiency of production and increase profits by over 40%. Starting from farmers' needs, the associates, was founded in 2014 under a cooperative an agrochemical analysis laboratory, where farmers can obtain agrochemical maps and plant protection consulting any time. Comparative statistical data show that productions have increased in the cooperative to all crops, year after year: barley from 65 t in 2010 - to 5601 t in 2016, wheat from 2553 t in 2010 - to 15 484 t in 2016, corn from 1367 t in 2010 - to 9764 t in 2015, sunflower from 475 t in 2010 - to 5764 t in 2015, and soybeans from 160 t in 2010 - 1,965 t in 2015. The number employees of the cooperative increased from 2 in 2009 –to 6 in July 2016 and today, by accessing development funds for a research project, working 20 specialists in agriculture, horticulture and mechanization.


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