Acta Universitatis Danubius. Œconomica, Vol 12, No 4 (2016)

Capital Investment Decisions on Entrepreneurial Agricultural Projects in Kwara State

Ehis T. Omoluabi, Olufemi Akintunde, T. Florence, T.H. Haruna


The purpose of this study was to assess the adequacy of the capital investment decisions of Youth Integrated Agricultural Project in Kwara State. The project has two parts: Youth Integrated FarmTraining Centre and Farm Settlements. The Youth Integrated Farm Training Centre has produced 650farmer-graduates, who are now working in the three locations where Farm Settlements are. The sixthbatch consisting of 66 farmer-graduates provided the population of the study. From this population apurposive sample of 46 potential respondents was selected. These people filled a researcher-developedquestionnaire. Thirty six correctly filled copies of the questionnaire were collected from therespondents. The responses of the thirty six framer-graduates were analyzed based on four researchquestions derived from the four objectives of the study. The major findings from this analysis were: (i)The Kwara State Government has invested a total of N65, 408,129 on the Youth Integrated AgriculturalProject in the last ten years; (ii) Seventy two percent of the respondents disagreed with the statementsthat the allowance paid to the trainees was sufficient. Moreover, ninety two percent of them disagreedwith the statement that the empowerment packaged given to them to work in the Farm Settlements wasadequate. In the same vein, seventy six percent disagreed that infrastructure in the Farm settlementswere adequate; (iii) But the respondents agreed that infrastructure in the Farm Training Centre wereadequate. In sum the State Government’s capital investment decisions were not enough to make theYouth Integrated Agricultural project an unqualified success.


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