Acta Universitatis Danubius. Œconomica, Vol 8, No 6 (2012)

The relevance of accounting information enclosed in performance indicators

Mihaela-Cristina Onica


This research study is analyzing the relevance of accounting information reflected through the elaboration of firm performance variables and administration because of the necessity of performance to be administrated. The subject of the theme is enclosed in current development of accounting norms at national , european, (Directives) and international levels (IAS/IFRS). The analyised topic is based upon the capabilty of accounting to generate information , throug synthesis  calculus being settled the nature , the characteristics and  the informational valences of  financial performance of an organization. The accounting infromation is base for performing the decison process. The rol of accounting in insurring the relevance and comparability of information increased significantly, being already indispensable. A real solution for communication misunderstanig elimination emerged, as result of diputes in perception and interpretation of economic information, as results for the national speciffic norms.The economic communication is demanding for firm not only in its expression but in thinking and in the process of method conceptualization of organization and administration. A detailed financial situation analysis, which are employing annual financial analysis procedures, underling the performance and risks influencing  factors, are considering one starting point for addressing the issue. The introduced variables are insuring a whole vision of firm activity and an appropriate strategy for results significance.


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