Acta Universitatis Danubius. Œconomica, Vol 8, No 6 (2012)

“First Home” Program Functionality or Controversy

Andreea Trimbitas


Objectives: The aim of this research is to emphasize the echo-s the “First Home” program had into the economic and social Romanian reality. Prior Work: The subject of this paper is an actual one, which deserves to be written and discussed about, especially because there is no fundamental analysis in this direction. Approach: In order to collect the necessary information, I realised some useful desk research to gather information from online sources, then, I passed to research in the library, and finally, to case study. Results: The program managed to unblock the credit activity, and helped around 500,000 families to achieve a house of their own. On the other hand, the program did not succeed in the re-launch of the construction sector, nor in creating new jobs, not even in collecting more taxes to the State budget. Implications: This study was part of my recent license degree, so it was used in the academic field as a case study. Value: The research is unique because of its originality, and because of the perspective in the dynamic it offers about the “First Home” program. Moreover, it implies a SWOT analysis, in order to come up with solutions so as to make the implementation of the program much more visible in the future.


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