Vol 6, No 1 (2010)

Table of Contents


L´Evolution du Contrôle Politique des Lois en Roumanie I.- Les Ferments de L'affirmation du Contrôle Politique en Communisme PDF
Mircea Criste

The Distinction between the Generic Content and the Specific Content of the Incrimination PDF
Mioara-Ketty Guiu, Ion Flămânzeanu

Monitoring the Probation Measures and Alternative Penalties in the European Union Critical Remarks PDF
Ion Rusu

The Interpreter’s Attitude Regarding the Principles of Interpretation Dworkin vs Hart PDF
Claudia Andriţoi

Freedom of the Press – Component of Freedom of Expression PDF
Daniela Valeria Iancu

Considerations on Judicial Liability of the Romanian Diplomatic and Consular Corps, public servant, judicial liability. PDF
Jana Maftei

Euthanasia – a Contemporary Issue PDF
Florentina Pusca

The Adjustment of Special Seizure to The European Criminal Law PDF
Monica Pocora

Procedure on Small Claims in Regulating the Bill of the Code of Civil Procedure PDF
Alexandrina Zaharia

Marriage of Convenience and Some Effects on the Regime of Foreigners in Romania PDF
Gabriela Lupsan

Mediation –Voluntary or Mandatory Procedure PDF
Angelica Rosu

European Court of Human Rights in Romanian Law. Particular Application of Article 13 of the Convention PDF
Roxana Rizoiu

Considerations for ensuring payment of wage claims in case of insolvency of the employee in line with EU rules PDF
Ion Păducel

Some Reflections on the Liability of States for International Illicit Acts PDF
Ion Ifrim, Roxana Oana Ifrim