Acta Universitatis Danubius. Juridica, Vol 13, No 2 (2017)

Challenges of state sovereignty in the age of globalization

Dukagjin Leka


State and sovereignty are two words, which in XXI century are the most commonly used, as in internal plan as well as at in the international plan, the latter even more. But, while in the past centuries was talked about sovereignty as something that is strongly and indivisible connected to the state - as a mother with her child, in this century-in globalized world, the state and sovereignty are being used as something that were strongly connected, but today this connection is softened. This is done for many different reasons, because we are living in the time, where state sovereignty is not considered anymore as something absolute and intangible, meanings that no longer exists literally, and this is being proven every day more and more. We have the cases of humanitarian intervention, where the sovereignty of a state is taken temporarily or is violated, then we have the creation of regional and international organizations that every day more and more have gained strength within their organization, as it is the European Union with supranationality powers, then the impact of globalization on softening this absolute sovereignty, etc.. This scientific paper will present to the reader and all other stakeholders, the important elements which argue the falling down of absolute sovereignty of states in XXI century - in the era of globalization.



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