Vol 28, No 2 (2011)

Table of Contents

Crisis and Anti-Crisis

The Euro-Zone; is it the crisis ahead! PDF
Mohamed Ali Trabelsi

Social and economic cohesion in Romania: an overview PDF
Alina Nuță, Doiniţa Ariton

Proposal of a Semi Fuzzy Poverty Index PDF
Majda Fikri, Mohammed Elkhomssi, Sahar Saoud

Knowledge in Finance and Accounting

The new version of gravity model in explaining bilateral trade. “A comparative study for developed and developing nations” PDF
Muhammad Imtiaz Subhani, Amber Osman, Rabia Khokhar

Financial Performance – A Key Factor for Managerial Decisions PDF
Riana Iren Radu

Premises and alternatives for dimensioning the enterprises bank credits PDF
Bogdan-Florin Filip

E-Business Data Access Authorizing Architecture By Applying Trusting Policies PDF
Laura Danilescu

The Statute of Accounting in the General Process of Knowledge PDF
Emil Horomnea, Georgiana Alexandra Rusu, Alexandra Daniela Socea, Ana Maria Paşcu

Country Case Studies

The Financial “Tsunami” of 2008 and its Effects on the Albanian Economy PDF
Albana Hashorva (Cami), Engjell Pere

Marketing Practices of Textile Business and Firm's Performance: A Case of Pakistan PDF
Arsalan Mujahid Ghouri, Naveed Ur Rehman Khan, Muhammad Abdul Malik

Trade-Growth Nexus: Turkish Case PDF
Oktay Salih Akbay

Galati Port during its Porto-Franco Status PDF
Ştefan Gheorghe

Past, present and future of direct payments: a Romanian perspective PDF
Ştefan Pete, Ildikó Réka Cadoş, Boróka-Júlia Biro, Ervin Tamas

Book Review

The Impact of EU Enlargement on Regional Strategies and Policies – By Gabriela Marchis PDF
Bogdan Andronic