Vol 30, No 5 (2011)

 A supplemented issue dedicated to the International Conference "Impact of Fiscal Policies on SME Sector in the Context of Sustainable Development", held within ”Studies of Competitiveness of Small and Medium-Sized Companies from the Viewpoint of Local and Regional Sustainable Development through Economic and Financial Policies” – STUD_COMP_IMM Project, PN II 92121/2008, November 10-12, 2011

Table of Contents


Overview Research Poject Studies on Competitiveness of Small and Medium Enterprises Sector in View of Local and Regional Sustainable Development through Economic and Financial Policies PDF 7-10
Doinita ARITON

Models for Assessing the Influence of Economic Policies on SMEs

Aggregated Index for Modelling the Influence of Fiscal, Financial and Social Policies on Enterprise Financial Performance PDF 13-20

Constraints on Bank Lending to SMEs from Romania and Supportive Measures PDF 21-38
Angela ROMAN, Valentina Diana RUSU

Considerations on the Development of Political Methods for Absorbing Uncertainty PDF 39-47
Ciprian Ionel ALECU

The Importance of Identifying the Quality of Services within a Company PDF 49-58
Cornelia Elena TUREAC

Improving the Export Capacity of Small and Medium Enterprises by Adapting Financing PDF 59-64

The Impact of Economic Legislation on SMEs Sector

The Importance of Adopting a Support for Policy for the Aquaculture Sector in Romania PDF 67-73
Florin TUDOR, Răducan OPREA, Ionuţ JARCĂ

Quality Improvement and Simplification of National Rules in SMEs PDF 75-79
Jana MAFTEI, Vasilica NEGRUŢ

The Impact of SMEs on the Environment Legislation and Best Practice PDF 81-85
Vasilica NEGRUŢ, Jana MAFTEI

Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier A Precursor of National Accounting PDF 87-92
Neculai TABĂRĂ, Andreea VASILIU

Competitiveness and Sustainable Development

Is the EU Budget Able to Support the Sustainable Development under the Global Crisis? PDF 95-102
Vlad- Romeo IONESCU

Professional Accountants as Consultants for Business PDF 103-110
Ecaterina NECSULESCU, Carmen SIRBU

SMEs between Truth and the Political Approach The Future of the SMEs in Romania PDF 111-118

The Importance of Communication in Human Resources Management PDF 119-128

Study Regarding Romanian Entrepreneurship PDF 129-136
Gabriela MARCHIS

SMEs Competitiveness Reflected Through Productivity - Comparative Study Between Romania and the EU PDF 137-147
Maria-Daniela BONDOC, Alina HAGIU

Accounting Approach of Sustainable Performance in the Overall Context of Sustainable Development PDF 149-155
Emanuel-Stefan MARINESCU, Liviu-Mihail MARINESCU

Book Review

Fiscality and Tax Procedure in Romania By Florin TUDOR PDF 159-161
Romeo-Victor IONESCU