EuroEconomica, Vol 28, No 2 (2011)

Past, present and future of direct payments: a Romanian perspective

Ştefan Pete, Ildikó Réka Cadoş, Boróka-Júlia Biro, Ervin Tamas


The present study proposes to give a general view on the role of direct payments from a Romanian perspective. According to the three scaled time spectrum – “past, present and future” - referred to in the title, the first section  contains an overview  on direct payment models implemented under the Common Agricultural Policy in a European context, followed by implementation aspects of the Single Area Payment Scheme in Romania, in year 2007. Current situation of direct payments in Romania are depicted in the following section – representing the “present” of direct payments in the country.  The final part of the study outlines some aspects establishing the importance of the “survivorship” of direct payments of the CAP post 2013 debates - from a Romanian point of view. 


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