EuroEconomica, Vol 28, No 2 (2011)

The Euro-Zone; is it the crisis ahead!

Mohamed Ali Trabelsi


The turmoil affecting capital markets since summer 2007 and its intensification since mid-September 2008 inflicted noticeable blows to the world economy. Although the high-risk real estate American market is believed to be the immediate source of such turmoil, these last years the euro-zone capital markets and financial institutions seem to absorb a continued credit cycle phenomenon and are seriously hit by aggravating tensions. It is the first financial crisis the Eurozone witnesses. Today, the priority for member states is to quickly find and implement solutions. In this paper, we analyse the recent developments in the Eurozone, mainly the Greek and Irish financial crises and the threats the Eurozone risks. Finally, we propose some solutions for the crises.


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