EuroEconomica, Vol 27, No 1 (2011)

Mutual Funds in Romania in 2010

Loredana-Ioana Pribac, Oana Nicoleta Bucur


The purpose of this paper is to analyse the situation of mutual investment funds in Romania, in the context of the year 2010, when Romania is a member state of the European Union and in
the midst of a financial crisis. In the analysis done we've used the statistical data regarding the evolution of investments in mutual funds done in Romania during the last few years. The main conclusions  are:  the  market  ratio  in  the  beginning  of  the  year  2010  is  in  favour  of  the diversified funds; certain bond funds surpassed the yields of the bank deposits, and the share funds had yields of 100% in 2009, but drew a small number of new investors.


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