EuroEconomica, Vol 27, No 1 (2011)

Accounting as a Factor of Progress in the Social and Economic Environment

Willi Păvăloaia, Marius-Dumitru Paraschivescu


 Accounting has deep roots, keeping pace with the social needs and aspirations. Along with the evolution of humankind, the role and importance of accounting have increased. If in the primitive commune the object of accounting was the social property on production means, in the slave-owning system and feudal system, accounting extended its sphere. The existence of a control mechanism on business in general and on trade,  in  particular,  was  needed.  There  could  be  felt  the  concretization  of  practical  accumulations  in accounting under the form of a study or a specialty paper.  
Accounting is the science that has contributed to the affirmation of the organization and scientific spirit which represented “for a long time a small isolated island in a vast ocean of empiricism.”  
Ever since the appearance of the first double entry bookkeeping  treaty of Luca Paciolo until the present day the double entry accounting has greatly evolved from the role of historian of an economic agent’ life and it has  become  the  most  important  instrument  of  arbitration  in  the  social  environment  of  those  involved  in business.


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