EuroEconomica, Vol 27, No 1 (2011)

Corporate Governance Systems used in European Union

Daniela Croitoru


 Article points out conflicts of interest that might arise in an enterprise between different actors involved in carrying out specific activities. Is also pursuing and decisions taken on the implementation of codes of corporate governance to resolve disagreements between the majority and minority shareholders, between shareholders and managers, and not the last time the company management and employees. The basic  idea  of  which  starts  is  that  the  harmonization  objectives  of  all  persons  involved  in  business operation is a basic criterion for achieving high economic performance. This study considers the way in which governments and business yourself are willing to accept a change to the management and control system  so  that  all  involved  to  obtain  the  satisfaction  of  their  expectations  without  the  intervention  of specialized bodies to  to resolve problems that may occur between different categories of participants in the development enterprise.


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