EuroEconomica, Vol 26, No 3 (2010)

Financial instruments designed to increase the competiveness of the European firms

Carmen Corduneanu, Nicoleta Moldovan, Oana Lobonţ


In the new global economy based on knowledge, the maintenance, the increase of life standards and social stability is related to the assurance of competitiveness of the economic structures of any state,regardless their constitutional order and system administration or whether they belong or not to a form of association. The nowadays financial and economic crisis has increased transparency, but it also amplified by contagion the negative effects of structural disparities between different areas and regions spatially dispersed. Anticipating economic and social change, the Member States have decided to restructure the priorities of the resources allocated through the Community financial instruments and programs. They complete the efforts of the European states, towards increasing the competitiveness, which becomes the basic resource for sustainable economic growth. Methods of collecting and processing data and information highlights the performance gaps of the Union at the economic and financial triad, showing the existence of structural problems increased by the last two expansions, the globalization of the market, the demographic decline and the population aging.


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