EuroEconomica, Vol 37, No 2 (2018)

The Psychographic and Behavioural Descriptors of Ecotourists at Capricorn District Municipality: Segmentation Study

Nheta Daniel Silent, Tshipala Ndivhuwo, Madzunye Tondani


The investigation was carried out in the Capricorn District Municipality which has various ecotourism attractions in South Africa. The aim of the study was to identify the psychographic and behavioural descriptors of ecotourists within the district. Ecotourism service providers worldwide are confronted by the demands of the dynamic traveller. As such market segments need to be identified that can be satisfied by different marketing strategies with different products and services. This requires the incorporation of observable and unobservable classification which this study is established on. Factor analysis was employed in the study to determine the common preferences among ecotourists while cluster analysis was utilised to determine segments based on behavioural indices with ANOVA tests confirming the significance of the identified descriptors. Results revealed social action and nature-based escaped on preferred activities whereas, on underlying travel preferences, companionship, destination qualities, enriching and learning experiences, conservationist and relaxation were identified. Therefore, Entrepreneurs and marketing strategists should understand the current trends regarding ecotourists whilst tourism destination developers should easily align their plans with the present ecotourism trend. The market intelligence communicated by this study is invaluable to the district municipality’s aim. The aim of becoming the best preferred ecotourism destination in the country will become a reality if such knowledge is applied.


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