EuroEconomica, Vol 37, No 3 (2018)

Analysis of the Influence of Leaders in the Management of Public Utility Sector Enterprises of city Nis through Employee Motivation

Marko Miodrag Janković


Abstract. This paper analyses the impact of leaders on the performance of companies in the public utility sector of the city of Nis through employee's motivation by their leaders. First, we analyses how employees accept modern motivational methods and models. Examines all the factors that affect the management style of the leaders of these companies as of their personal preferences, character up to moral principles and, as well as the possible, the negative approaches and mechanisms that can occur in the environment. Consideration of relevance to the fact that there is no prosperity of none enterprise if there is no conformity of between the goals of all stakeholders and the  synthesis of their efforts to achieve a high level of motivation .At the same time, this analysis points the most important leadership attributes to deliver high performance and high levels of productivity. Through analysis of the motivational process leads to the result of the importance of the impact of leaders on the motivation of employees, which directly reflects to the ultimate economic results in the observed companies. 



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