EuroEconomica, Vol 36, No 1 (2017)

The Budgetary Implementation on Main Components of Romania's General Consolidated State Budget

Daniela Neonila Mardiros, Roxana Dicu, Leontina Pavaloaia, Gabriel Chelariu


This paper takes as its starting point an overview of Romania's budget system structure, followed by a number of basic elements regarding the revenues that can be mobilized to these budgets and, implicit, types of expenses that can be financed from the budget funds. Given the significant number of components of the budgetary system, it was followed the budgetary implementation on main components of Romania's general consolidated budget, with direct reference to the state budget, local budgets, state-run social security budget, national fund for health insurance budget and the unemployment insurance budget. The period on which we examined the budgetary implementation, on the structures mentioned above, is the 2004-2015 period of time and, reported to these budgetary exercises we considered, under progressive aspect, the dimension of the collected budgetary revenues, of the financed expenses (as final destination of certain of these revenues) and, also, the result of the budgetary implementation. The final point of the present research is the evolution of current and capital expenses and of the relationship between these, as an effect of the state budgetary policy.


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