EuroEconomica, Vol 36, No 1 (2017)

New Developments in the Romanian Tourism vs the Old Challenges. A Regional Approach

Romeo Victor Ionescu


The paper deals with the analysis of the tourism development from a regional point of view. The unfavourable situation of the tourism in Romania is doubled by the same situation at regional level. In order to point out the regional disparities in tourism developing, a regression analysis becomes useful. The analysis is focused on representative indicators as: tourist accommodation establishments, nights spent at tourist accommodation establishments, seasonality in tourism nights per month, net occupancy rates of bed-places and bedrooms in hotels, or regional GDP/capita. The intermediate results of the analysis led to the use of the cluster approach.  As a result, the eight NUTS 2 regions were grouped in two dedicated clusters. The main conclusion of this research is that Romania is not able to develop a modern sustainable tourism at regional level. On the other hand, the paper offers enough data and ideas to improve the regional tourism development approach for the regional decision makers. The whole analysis is based on the latest official statistical data and is supported by pertinent diagrams.


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