EuroEconomica, Vol 21, No 2 (2008)

The role of Albanian fiscal policies to the improvement of the economy situations

Matilda Veliu


It’s clearly to say that, fiscal policies are one of the most keys in the hand of government that has many impacts in the growth of the country economy. Discussing about the tax evasion of the business and the informal economy like a product of it, I must say that is an current issue not only for my country, but also for all those countries in transition. All of us argue that in any country exists a business pressure to make fiscal evasion in order to achieve more their objective that is the maximization of profits. This seems to be aftermaths by many reasons especially by the economic environment of the country; meanwhile, by the other hand the government has another aim: how to get more and more revenues from taxation which is the main recourse of the financial budget. But , why are necessary the taxes? , Which are the criteria for tax design? Which is the relationship between policies and optimal taxation? How much is the growth of informal economy in Albania and which are the necessary strategies in order to reduce the tax evasion made by business? etc are some of the most important questions to made about the topics .Answering the questions, results an clearly picture about the economic environment of Albania and the things that must to do in order to resolve perhaps a bit the problem.


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