EuroEconomica, Vol 21, No 2 (2008)

Method application of discounted cash flow in an evaluation of an entity of furniture industry in Romania

Neculina Chebac, Mihaela Cristina Onica


Production of furniture is the most complex activity in the wood industry in Romania, is also recognized as the best performing form of exploitation of the wood in terms of value added to the size of a cubic meter of raw wood. Requirements imposed on the furniture products in terms of accuracy and finish processing have led in recent years had a profound restructuring of the management of furniture factories, supported by a remarkable progress of the whole system of machinery involved in manufacturing technologies. In order to ensure opportunities for internal and external markets through a harmonious development, furniture industry in Romania, to take account of priority trends are manifested in European and world economy in the use and recovery of wood as a primary resource materials premium, being a renewable resource. Here are some reasons why we chose to analyze and evaluate it by the method mentioned in the title, an entity in the furniture industry in Romania, evaluated from the perspective of getting the cash flow in a forecast horizon of its activity.


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