EuroEconomica, Vol 34, No 2 (2015)

Comparative analysis multiple criteria for the choice of a common transport system in Rabat (Morocco)

Badreddine El Goumi, Mohammed El Khomssi, Ghizlane Chaibi


The choice of a transport system is a complex and difficult job. Different systems may seem to offer equivalent services to users while often lack the information necessary to better distinguish the differences between a particular systems. We present a comparative analysis of public transport systems in Rabat-Sale to better guide the selection of communities, in the context of promoting urban transport meeting the challenges of sustainable development. We analyzed, presented the criteria and characteristics of each system, proposed and discussed a multi-criteria method to the weighted sum to propose the best adapted system with knowledge and clarity. We close this work with the results showing the fact that the tram has a special place in relation to the bus in the majority of scenarios.


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