EuroEconomica, Vol 21, No 2 (2008)

The analysis of the enterprise social management based on dashboards and social indicators

Daniela Maria Bondoc, Carmen Sirbu


This paper proposes a focus upon the aspects related to social indicators found in the social dashboards which are necessary for a good social enterprise management.
The formal recognition of the need for social information took place in France, once with the promulgation of the social balance sheet law. It can be considered a dashboard with annual frequency, containing a number of indicators which allow a precise diagnosis of human resources and social aspects. The law of 1977 stated the social balance sheet by identifying aspects of human resources, with emphasis on social indicators.
The paper presents in detail the milestones of emergence and evolution of social balance sheet, but also its objectives as a dashboard. The develop of social dashboards can be a guarantee of a good "social health” of the organizations in which they are perceived as a management tool because they simplify the Human Resources reporting and analysis.


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