EuroEconomica, Vol 22, No 1 (2009)

Theoretical Substantiation of Main Constituents of Financial Position of an Enterprise: Reliability, Solvency and Financial Stability

V.I. Ospishchev, I.V. Nagornaja


Financial system of Ukraine has rather complex and multilevel structure. It is stipulated by the fact that, on one hand, macroeconomic instability and, on the other hand, lack of experience of working in competitive environment led to arising and deepening of crisis at the national enterprises. Due to the acute problem of insolvency of an economic entity the necessity of its forecasting and regulating on the national level, developing of the diagnostics system and preventing insolvency as well as forming strategy of recovering from crisis situation arose. Indices of reliability, solvency, financial stability that characterizes relationships between counterparts were considered. Approaches to determining financial stability, characteristics of unstable financial position and main features of crisis financial position of an enterprise were offered.


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