EuroEconomica, Vol 34, No 1 (2015)

Protection of consumer rights and interests. Case of Kosovo

Mejdi Bektashi


The aim of this paper is to elaborate the strategy and process of protection of customer rights and interests in Kosovo. The rights and interests of consumers in the domestic market are still not adequately protected, in a manner and form as is done in most countries of the European Union. The origin of the protection of the rights and interests of consumers in Kosovo began in 2004, with the approval of Consumer Protection Law (Law no. 2004/17) by the Kosovo Assembly. After the declaration of independence in 2008 and the approval of the Kosovo’s Constitution, a specific attention is paid to the customer protection where “consumer protection is guaranteed in accordance with the law” (Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo, Chapter IX, Section 119, paragraph 7, June 2008, Prishtina).


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