EuroEconomica, Vol 33, No 2 (2014)

Accommodation facilities positioning

Dan Pauna, Cornelia Elena Tureac


This paper is based on the positioning concept as it was established in 1972 by Al Ries and Jack Trout as being “a tangible good, a service, a company, an organism or even a person. Positioning does not mean what one does with the product but especially what the product represents according to the conception of the one prospecting the market“ ( Ries and Trout 1982).  In this case the product accommodation, which is in fact a sum of complex services at the customers’ disposal, makes it impossible to compare on a certain market since the hotels, ˶or commercial accommodation forms˝(Lupu 2010), are classified according to a series of criteria among which the most important being the services offered and the way they are offered, the comfort level or the location in the territory. The aim of this paper is the positioning on a certain market of some accommodation facilities with an agreement on the choice, use and interpretation of common attributes such as: comfort, fares, notoriety, positioning, the complexity of services offered. This undertaking uses the   Fishbein-Rosenberg model, as well as the graphic interpretation of the study[1] .

[1] The positioning obtained by values is less suggestive and it increases the difficulty of formulating complex conclusions. 


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