EuroEconomica, Vol 23, No 2 (2009)

Considerations regarding the implementation of ERP systems within the actual economical-financial crisis

Alexandru Gavrilă, Delia Băbeanu, Cristina Geambasu


The aim of the ERP systems is to improve the activities that belong to the stage between acquiring an order from a client and issuing the invoice for that order and also the payment. The actual financial crisis, initially started in the USA as a subprime crisis, tends to be transformed in one of the most powerful economical crisis that was known in the last ten years, and some of the analysts predict that this crisis is even worse than the one that took place in the ’30 years. In these conditions, seems to be very natural for all the companies to look up for surviving solutions during this period, and one of the most popular methods to fight against the negative effects of the crisis applied by all the companies is the cost reduction. We may consider also that such a period could represent in the same time an opportunity for the companies to reconsider the business processes and repositioned in the actual context of the market, and for this a considerable help could be the implementation of an ERP system.


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