EuroEconomica, Vol 23, No 2 (2009)

Risks in implementing projects with european financing

Aurel Gabriel Simionescu, Marian Chivu, Mirela Chivu


The risk represents a future probable event and its appearance could cause damages, could represent a danger or a possible incovenience. Therefore the risk is characterized by probability, exposure and vulnerability. In practice, most of the times exposure is included in consequences’ evaluation. Risks analysis represents the activity of objectively establish the risk,
the probability and the consequences of its appearance. Obviously risks analysis will also produce the necessary signals for finding alternatives, for evaluating the probability that distortions may appear along the path and for defining the necessary elements in decision making process in the analyzed field. There is always a risk in public administration that is also assumed by the partners when supplying services with the explicit or tacit acceptance of the manager of that authority or public


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