EuroEconomica, Vol 23, No 2 (2009)

The international trade as an element of the sustainable development

Romeo Victor Ionescu


For the beginning, the paper deals with the necessity of the participation to the world division of labour in order to prevent the growth of the disparities between the countries. We talk about the average rate of the world exports growth and the evolution of the world trade on specific countries, as well. The second part of the paper analysis the world trade with the manufactured goods and with the basic goods. A distinct part of the paper deals with the international divided into six specific goods: food, rare materials, combustibles, chemicals, cars, equipments and means of transport and other manufactured goods. Other part of the paper analyses Romania’s chronic negative sold of the trade balance.
The final conclusion is that the trade policy has a significant impact on the efficiency. The trade policy is able to produce
indirect effects on the labour market and the internal sold goods sector. On the other hand, the custom regulations imply institutional changes and generate shocks into the internal business environment and changes of the local attractively


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