EuroEconomica, Vol 23, No 2 (2009)

Leadership within the organization. The future leaders

Ioan Bordean, Alina Răileanu


Although there is no unity of views regarding the relation between management and leadership, there are still existing common points, among these being able to mention that in the extremely dynamic conditions in which is improving the organizations today and even more so in the future, is needed of practicing an effective leadership, of full involvement of people to achieve the goals and ensuring the success, of joint action of those, based o team spirit, to which a essential contribution has the leader, which implies strongly, affective and affective, motivating and determining the group members to ac effectively and harmonized. The effective leader must dispose of certain characteristics, native or/and acquired trough training, to know to communicate well with the team members, to be creative, inventive, have vision, to accept and even to cause the change, which will be and competitive advantage in the competitive environment increasingly emphasized.


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