EuroEconomica, Vol 34, No 1 (2015)

The effects of interactive marketing, customer satisfaction and flashes on customer loyalty

Tanveer Aslam, Kashif Hamid, Muhammad Salman Arshad


This study explores impact of interactive marketing impact on consumer satisfaction and loyalty. So for no specific research has been conducted to identify the process of customer loyalty in banking sector in this perspective. Customer loyalty has great importance and agonizes among connoisseur, academician and professionals in ample industries. This study generally focused on following dimensions commitment, trust, familiarity, quality of employees, service quality and service personalization efforts as key predictor of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Data was collected by using pretested questionnaire through personal interviews. A representative sample of one hundred and sixty consumers was selected by using convenience sampling technique. Interactive marketing has positive significant influence on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. The customer satisfaction fully mediates the relationship between interactive marketing and customer loyalty. 


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