EuroEconomica, Vol 32, No 2 (2013)

New stategies for the waste management in the Black Sea region

Gasparotti Carmen


The paper proposed herewith presents some new strategies for the waste management in the Black Sea basin by designing an integrated system for pollution prevention. The ecosystem of the Black Sea is strongly affected by pollution discharges coming from various sources and among them the marine accidents present the highest environmental risks. From this perspective, in order to reduce the pollution and protect the environment in the Black Sea region, to implement adequate strategies that would allow the possibility of developing an integrated management plan related to the management of the waste discharges into the sea appears to be an extremely important issue. In this respect, the management plan designed in the present work is based on the principles of the waste management as adopted by the EU strategies and has as a key element the implementation of a monitoring system that would be able to identify and evaluate in real time the sources and the effects of the pollution. The practical realization of an integrated management system helps in reducing the amount of waste generated and in reducing also of the environmental pollution and waste management related costs.


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