EuroEconomica, Vol 32, No 2 (2013)

The Value Orientation of Entrepreneurial University Curriculum Design

Ji Hong Bo, Che Ru Shan


According to the essential characteristics and personnel training characteristics of entrepreneurial university, in accordance with the characteristics and objectives of curriculum, and combined with the latest theoretical research of entrepreneurship curriculums at home and abroad, this essay adopts literature data and logic analysis method to explore entrepreneurial universities on the real value of curriculum design. The results are that entrepreneurial universities in the curriculum design mainly treated social standard as the main, ignored the value of the individual, in addition, curriculums’ goal is single, as well as rigid in terms of creative personnel training. We should establish a wide range of educational values in Entrepreneurial universities’ curriculum reform: realizing effective integration between educational localization and educational internationalization; taking into account the main educational values; achieving an effective balance between scientific world and the world of life; focusing on the development of personality and building the harmonious development of human beings.


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