EuroEconomica, Vol 32, No 2 (2013)

The Future of the Higher Education’s Quality under the Impact of the Real Socio-Economic Environment. A Romanian Point of View on the Academic Curricula’s Standardization

Andy Corneliu Pusca, Romeo Victor Ionescu


Romanian higher education system faced to a lot of challenges in the latest years. The need to adapt to Bologna criteria forced the universities to adopt different managerial approaches in order to improve education and management quality and to survive into a hostile environment. The paper realizes a comparative analysis between the European and Romanian quality management evaluations starting for the practice. The analysis is followed by a SWOT analysis, which defined strengths and weaknesses, threats and opportunities related to academic management evaluation under ARACIS and EIP. The next step of the analysis realizes a forecast of the number of new students in Danubius University, using dedicated software, SPSS19. The main conclusion of the paper is that quality represents a main objective and a result of all activities in Danubius University. Moreover, Danubius University is able to educate and form labour not only for the Romanian labour market.


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