EuroEconomica, Vol 31, No 4 (2012)

Consumer centric marketing communication: go beyond the actual sale

Catalina Ioana Chirica


Changes and challenges are good. Crisis are challenging and changing, so crises are not that bad. In fact, communication during crisis has proven to be an opportunity, rather than a threat to weakened budgets.

This paper presents the main changes that occurred in the advertising trends in Romania since the economic crisis emerged. Moreover, this paper is about how advertisers have chosen different and innovative ways of being present on the market, using low budgets.  

It’s the time of direct consumer communication, 360 strategies, focus on consumer engagement and interaction, creating consumer touch points and building brand stories through emotional rollercoaster and enriching brand experiences. Integrated communication borders switched and pushed new boundaries, with a different focus, this time, consumer centric.


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