EuroEconomica, Vol 31, No 2 (2012)

The decisional process of proper selection of managers from railway transport

Daniel Daneci-Patrau, Gabriela Neacsu, Carmen Elena Coca


The current economic context as led to a significant drop of open positions on the workforce market at the same time with the reorganization that many organisations had to accomplish. The consequences haven’t stopped appearing in the way in which, today there are many candidates with working experience who have occupied management positions in other companies and are now in search of new jobs. Some organizations have stopped hiring, as it happened in the case of The National Company CFR S.S., and those that still have open positions for recruitment are focusing on skills, multiple competences and proven expertise in a certain field. On the workforce market this thing means that those candidates who have skills and proven expertise are the most demanded ones. The purpose of this paper has been the identification of an adequate methodology of selection regarding railway staff, needed in the main activities of human resources management. The study is based on using the method of global utility and ranking individuals based on the order of skills in order to choose the most suitable manager so that he can take part in  a training course organized by the European organism with responsibilities in the field of professional development. The research hypothesis has been as it follows: A proper assessment of human resources in order to choose, following MRU new demands regarding railway transport, causes the growth in efficiency in railway management.


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