EuroEconomica, Vol 31, No 1 (2012)

CSR and Consumers’ Expectations towards it – A Marketing Perspective

Cosmina Paula Gatej (Bradu)


This review article aims to develop an integrating overview of the present status of the theory and research of the individuals` expectations of corporate social responsibility (CSR).  Given the veritable explosion of CSR research during the recent years, there is a genuine need for the field to take stock of what has been learned so far and what that implies in terms of consumers expectations and where researchers should be headed.  In order to clarify the concept of consumer`s expectations we analysed books and articles in leading economic journals. In the last years, expectations towards CSR have been increasing and, with this, the demand of having businesses behaves in a socially responsible manner. The main implications are the potential for adopting and incorporating CSR in the marketing and communications strategy of the company. In the paper, different theories are promoted, definitions and researches concerning the present status of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the individuals` expectations towards it, enriching the literature from this field of study. 


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