EuroEconomica, Vol 30, No 5 (2011)

Quality Improvement and Simplification of National Rules in SMEs

Jana MAFTEI, Vasilica NEGRUŢ


There’s no doubt that the SMEs are of vital importance both at national and at European level, if we take into consideration the share of jobs they provide in certain sectors as: textile industry, furniture industry, construction industry, etc.
Considering all this, the number of Romanian SMEs is still under the European average. This is due on one side to the competitive environment, imposing some quality standards, but also on the other side to the legislative regulations in the field, which are still thick and tend to become an obstacle to SMEs development.
This is the reason why we decided in this study to outline ways to increase quality and throughout this to increase the competitiveness of the Romanian SMEs on the European markets, and also to identify ways to simplify and improve the regulatory framework for SMEs, of the administrative procedures on establishing and developing SMEs, all this contributing, we believe, to encourage the SMEs to develop and create new jobs.
In order to reach this objective, we used as research methods: the method of documenting and the study of national and European legislative documents in the field, comparison and content analysis, the interpretation of some data, etc.


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