EuroEconomica, Vol 30, No 5 (2011)

The Importance of Communication in Human Resources Management



Human resource is for any organization the most important resource, therefore it’s role is to contribute to their professional development and to lead to organizational goals in a motivating environment for both the group and for each individual parties. All elements needed to obtain effectiveness of the organization can be achieved through harnessing of networking and communication, which constitute the essential conditions for human resources activities. This paper brings in present light of debate the current problems connected, the situation being  a phenomenon faced by every organization, regardless of size or specific, and demonstrates the overwhelming role  of the Communication Management Process.
Independent concepts represented by management, communication and human resources, will make this document to show the influence of these within organization because of the need for  organizational communication, human resources development and management responsibilities. Viability scientific and practical utility of human resource management can be demonstrated both by the economic results obtained, and by involving staff in strategic development of the organization


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