EuroEconomica, Vol 30, No 5 (2011)

The Importance of Identifying the Quality of Services within a Company

Cornelia Elena TUREAC


In the paper we proposed to highlight the quality of services in a unit that works as a provider of passenger service transport on a predetermined distance on a scheduled basis. We proposed as an objective to research the quality of services following the completion of a case study, which was made through research, observation, questionnaires and interviews, adding of some improvements and solutions that will lead at the improvement of the quality of services offered by the unit Nicolescu Trans Limited Liability Company. In business as in life the success cannot be achieved without knowing the environment, market and customers. To know them, there must be made researches in terms of quality, in studying the market, customers, consumer, competition, it is ended to be made forecasts and assess the situation. The paper has in view of highlighting the research of quality of services in a unit of services concerning the research methods and improvement of service qualities. The paper is structured to shape the economic activity but and its issues for which it will be proposed its solution. Satisfying customer requirements involves a rigorous justification of all decisions regarding the design and delivery of services, based on the conducted market services. In conclusion the quality is what makes the difference between the excellent and inferior things or in other words, quality makes the differences between success and failure. The right key for an effective research of quality it isn’t neither the technique used, nor the vast amount of data, but the immediate control of the useful information. Quality requires many things to be done, but if an organization does not put its customers first, then the conditions for the quality development will not exist. The best organizations, whether public or private, understand the quality and know its secret. Searching the source of quality it is an important task in any field.


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