Acta Universitatis Danubius. Administratio, Vol 6, No 1 (2014)

Convergence of the National Public Administration Systems within the European Union in the Context of the European Model Emergence

Cezar Corneliu Manda


The long running historyfor over half a century of the European Union was marked initially by the need to approach the memberstates’ administrations, with a view to getting them more compatible, as a prerequisite of the EU’s functioning, at the foreseen political-legal and economic parameters, and then the respective tendency started to intensify progressivelyrelative to the more and more ambitious goals and objectives of the European Union establishment. Today we witness an increased dynamics of such a process which seems to integrate even the specificities derived from the sovereignty elements, considered not long ago as sacred, at the states level, a processuality whosefinality consists in the continuous consolidation of the European administrative area, as an essential corollary to the effective inter-community mechanisms development, equally as an effect of the states’integration but also a condition for the European project success. In such a context, the present approach proposes to analyse and identify the degree of cohesion and of similarity between the EU states administrations, which revolve around the emergence of the common characteristics, considered as authentic values of the administrative area, susceptible to be accepted altogether as bases for the Europeanadministration model, whose outline tends to become more visible.


Full Text: 53-64


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