Acta Universitatis Danubius. Administratio, Vol 5, No 2 (2013)

Managerial Convergence in Evolution Public Institutions in the European Union

Georgeta Modiga, Gabriel Avramescu


Although public management is a new management science, there are already convinced that the extension of the principles and specific approaches, not just a relative thing, it becomes imperative that determines the coordinates of major public sector reform. Otherwise there is the risk of slipping into a formalism stressed, changing some generally accepted fundamental and essential to the detriment of , meeting the new management public. Consequently , it is absolutely necessary to give the perception and treatment of the old administrative system in general and public institutions in particular as bureaucratic administrative apparatus are developed rules , regulations, and laws by which they are applied and the transition to new general management principles and legitimate public that the administrative system as a whole and each public by public managers seeking a specified level of performance management , reflected in increasing public interest and satisfaction of specific social needs. Communication is one of effective management tools of change in the organization. It can help to adjust the attitude of the "way of looking at things” and to change behaviors. Mission and objectives managerial communication are closely related to organizational changes and environmental characteristics in which the organization functions. Public relations are essentially communication activities if relationships public management of communication between an organization and its public interest based on public, effective public relations manager must be in permanent contact with the public organization to be able to differentiate any time their communication needs, formulate and convey the message to the characteristics of each of them and track their response to receiving each of the messages.


Full Text: 36-47


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